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About Us

Visit our National Family Promise website for our history and national statistics.

What is Family Promise of Florence?

We are one of 206 affiliates in 43 states, we opened our doors in 2015 and we are still one of the only sheltering programs in the Florence area that serves homeless families with children.  We were founded on the belief that one homeless child is too many, yet, as we have seen since opening our doors and based off of the daily calls we receive, there are many children that are homeless. We serve only families and can help up to 14 individuals at a time.  We do not provide a handout or a temporary fix, but work to determine the underlying cause of their homelessness and then equip them with the skills and resources needed to maintain lasting independence.  Our goal is to get them back on the path to stability by providing comprehensive case management and assistance in securing employment, medical care, childcare, school placement, and ultimately affordable housing.  Our Day Center, on W. Darlington Street serves as a permanent address while the families are in the program and a place for our families to do their laundry, complete employment and housing searches, complete goal sheets and budgeting and case management. Once a family exits and moves into their home, they participate in our 12 month program which entails continued case management support to assure they are utilizing the tools they acquired while in the program. These lifelong changes that we are seeking to bring about effect generations to come.


Who is Family Promise of Florence?

We are a community collaboration. Our Board and Staff partner with local congregations, individuals, families, other social service agencies, foundations, and businesses to provide temporary shelter and viable solutions for these families who are experiencing a housing crisis. Our families sleep in a network of 13 local host congregations, where volunteers from those congregations and additional support congregations provide their evening meals, help with homework, read stories, play and provide compassion and love, volunteers sleep overnight and see the families off in the early morning. Family Promise is cost effective because we utilize existing resources (church buildings and volunteers) and provide over $3 in goods and services for every $1 we receive. Our model is an effective and replicable community response to family homelessness.


Our mission

 Our Mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence. How we do that is almost as important as the mission itself. Family Promise does that through the LOVE and COMPASSION of our volunteers that are of all ages, all backgrounds, different churches, but all with huge hearts. We believe that every child deserves and home and that every human being needs to be heard and uplifted during this difficult time in their lives. Family Promise lets them breathe and focus on stabilizing their future all while being shown love and compassion at our community churches. Together we are making a huge difference in our community one family at a time! 


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